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A guernseyman on the LRF

Three days of pain and great gain finished when the Condor ferry pulled out of St Helier Harbour at 7.30pm last night,

Dave Bennet of Pro Lures Direct  had the driving,but thats the penalty of a big red pick up he drives around in.

For me it was time to open the beer after 2 days with no sleep but a lot of fishing both LRF and  HRF.

New experinces are difficult to come by in sea fishing but  this was one with spades or in this case jersey potatoes,

Keith White  of jersey bass guides works you hard,harder than I have experieced before

You learn lots and and I reall enjoyed it

To give you an idea Dave and I were off the boat after a  6 am boat from Weymouth at 11am

By 1 pm we were fishing HRF for plastics and we only took that long because of Keiths hunting through the goodies  bag both Italiafishing and Prolures had brought.

I lost a 5 m telescopic pole ,a MSP 3000 LFF Reel a whole lot of  Titanium soft and Cast line as well as a whole lot of Metsuki and Hokkaido Cranky lures.

God knows what Dave donated to testing by JSB but the car was a whole lot lighter on the way back

I am sure we will read all about come LRF season.

I was really pleased with Keiths reaction to the Hokkaido 240/40g rod for HRF and even the Pride 240/50

He looks for feel for bites and casting ,hardness of backbone to get the fish out of the rocks and most importantly balance in the hand at the pivot point just in front of the reel so the rod is easy to hold all day.

Anyway off we went down the cliffs for for the Rockies(wrasse) on plastics.

Wrasse or rocky fishing territory typical of Guernsey or Jersey

I am amazed at the ability to cast texas rigged plastics with only one or two BB shot on the head into the weediest places you can imagine and retrive it out again

you move the lure back in fits and starts,inches at a time ,


the bites are sharp taps which you have to strike,

My first bite amazingly became my first fish on plastics in the channel islands,a 12oz pretty little fish


My virginity cracked I kept the Guernsey score board ticking over ,defeating those jersey boys in what had become a Muratti cup between us(an inter Island competition)p6160288


It was then out for fish and chips before on to the northen Cliffs and a long scramble down to   a rock platform with a great tidal race running through.

The fishing target was pollack ,a great fish for light rock fishing and even HRF when they get to 3 or 4 pounds


Unfortunatley they were n0t around, a huge climb for an hours fishing and no fish but thats the way things go.

You have got to be in it to win it

We were joined by Keiths brother Kevin and the famous Koneko Dave,both great lads as the day went on


Night fishing ,mainly with 5 inch senkos was next and I was given some great ones from Andy Kendrick of Jacks LRF

Kev was soon into the bass and keith got one as well.

The technique does not appear difficult just a slow slow slow constant retrieve through a good tidal stream over fairly clean rock but Dave and I couldnt connect.

The technique was learnt however and it does work.

Matching Weight and Distance v the ability to pull back a slow natural level snag free retrieve is everything.

Next up was night fishing the fast gutters.

6 knots of current on slippery boulders in the dark

The story for tomorrow as I really really need to sleep

Remember we hadnt slept since leaving England 24 hours before and we still had 4 hours to go on the first night

Fishing heaven for nutters like me