A rainy week end on the HRF May02


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A rainy week end on the HRF






A rainy week end on the HRF



A flying weekend visit to Guernsey for a family event gave me a bit of an opportunity to play,


the tides were small so it was the wrasse that got my attention on the HRF using all sorts of

soft plastics.


The wet weather didnt really get in the way as you can fish a lee shore to stay out of the driving rain



The bites you get are a sharp tap tap.


Bigger fish are a heavier pull



It just shows you can get results in the crap weather we have been getting



Monday was nicer but the fish were harder to catch.


The deeper water was actually less productive which is not unusual



The boulders here were much more productive.


Everyone should try soft plastics for wrasse,its great fun


Heres to the summer