Back from Guernsey Aug30


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Back from Guernsey

Bass fishing in Guernsey

Bass fishing in Guernsey

Back from the inlaws who live on the best beach possible in Guernsey for bass fishing.

Family visits over the past 20 years  have provided ample opportunity for  experimentation although with family commitments I have found the best way is to put a rod out on the beach with a live sand eel.

Light tackle pays with weights as low as 1 oz and 6lb line in flat calms,gearing up as the surf gets bigger.

This year there was plenty of surf but not many bass,a trend which is becoming the norm for August

The best moment came when I tried out the new Absolute surf rod from Alcedo with one of there budget reels,the Matrix 7ooo with titanium cast line.

The rod was pulled out to sea when my attention was on my ice cream in one hand and a cricket ball in the other.

On frantic retrieval I found a big fish on one end and a jammed reel on the other full of sand.

I was also still hanging on to my ice cream.

I should have run like hell to the other end of the beach as the fish was well over a 100m out in 10 feet of water with some rocks coming up to the surface .

As the fish kited left the enevitable happened and the line was cut on a limpet .

Kind of summed up my bassing but thats fishing .

More on it to come,including  plugging for bass and fishing for the best fish to eat in Guernsey,the black bream.