Bassing in Guernsey Sep04


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Bassing in Guernsey

Sorry its so long between blogs but working on the italiafishing website kind of limits the time,

Atttached is a picture of the kind of fish caught fishing during the day

I found that they seemen to be on the south coast beaches this year and they where all caught on the tide down

Fishing the surf is your swiming trunks certainly beats codding in the bristol channel in February.

Again I believe balanced gear is key leaving the   weight to roll around  to find the fish

They certainly let you know when they are there

To take home fish to eat however I fished the local hotspot for Black Bream,the castle lighthouse.

Scallop frills are a really messy bait but are the only way to go.

The black heart is the delicacy but you need to cast softly to keep them on.

The  Italian fixed spool rods fit the bill and allow the scrappy little fighters to really pull back.

They certainly taste good as well.


I am sure the castle is a hot spot due to the fact the reef remains un molested by scallop nets around the harbour entrance due to traffic and therefore supports a healthy fish population  


We have a lot to answer for enviromentallly.