Eddystone Bass on Metsuki Lures Aug31


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Eddystone Bass on Metsuki Lures

eddystone lure caught Bass Metsuki strikes again

Another story from Steve Lawrey

Thank you Steve ,now a converted Hokkaido fan

Hope you enjoy your new Hokkaido Spinning rod

) Eddystone: Well, what could I say but “yeah, count me in”! It was the only answer I could give when a friend of
a friend offered the chance to pop out to “the stone” for some flicking. So the following morning I'm up at 3:00am &
off to the marina, & it's tipping down, by the time we're out in Plymouth Sound it's thunder & lightning with a 2.5m
swell – I'm thinking I should have stayed in bed! Unperturbed, my host for the day ensures me it will be worth the trip,
so on we go.
Arriving at the stone as day is breaking, it's out with the lures, & we drift a couple of marks on the reef, but all is
quiet. We both started with Rapala's, so I thought I'd have a change to my new fav lure, the Hokkaido Metsuki 150,
to see if this would change our luck. Sorry to say, but as I was changing lures, the other rapala took 1st blood with a
nice 5lb+ bass. Next drift & it was my turn, with a healthy 6lb bass (pic1), so one all to the lures. Drift again, & I loose
one at the net, recast & in again, another nice 6lb+ bass. My host hasn't had a knock for a while, so has a rummage
through my lure box, & out he casts my spare Metsuki 150 in anchovy. A minute later he's into a fish too, netting a
lovely 7lb+ fish. As the sun finally puts in an apperance, things slowed, but we carried on catching for a while, ending
the day with 13 bass, with three over 8lb, the smallest about 5.5lb. A great day for me as a relative newcommer to the
art of lure fishing (even though I'm a couple of Hokkaido Metsuki 150's down now as they've been appropriated for further
trials on the stone) & another good day for the Metsuki 150 !