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Fishing in Guernsey


Fishing in Guernsey




Fishing in Guernsey this year was much anticipated after the great sucess of 2011


["] Guernsey October 2012


There was lots of new gear to be tested such as Alcedo Pride Surf Meditteareanea

and the new salt water proof spinning reels for LRF and HRF fishing 



New braids made in Europe and different color soft plastic lures such as the

watermelon and pearl 6 inch Hawg Wild Lures being used currently to great effect in




The first evening after the amazing trip over on the Condor was spent straight down the

nearest beach  testing the Alcedo Pride Rod and the Hokkaido Marine Spin Reel

with Braid and the new cromium shock leaders



These easily cast a 3 oz lead as far as you want to go really( all the braid

dissapeared) and it wasnt long  before the first slack line bite



This resulted in a nice black bream of table size quality


The wind was off shore so some white bread was also broken up and gently placed in the surf line


Mullet were the target and although the sea had a good surf I was looking for those

lips which come up and pluck the bread off the surface


The tactic is to wade ot a little into the surf and cast a crust using an LRF rod and

the thinnest braid available into the path of cruising fish


These easily reach 4 and 5lb


Get the bread in the right place at the right time and away you go and on LRF gear

the experience is the closest to bonefishing you will get this side of the pond


One grabed the bread for the second time as I pulled it away and off the new

prototype braid went until I was in the backing


Two fish in an hour wasnt a bad start







The second day was spent in herm, fishing the low tide for bass


Already two anglers were using hard plastics , wading out.


They had a nice Targa boat anchored in the bay and i was astonished to find them

rowing out and then proceeding to pull in a net wich they had set right across the



They then complained to me about the lack of fish!




Not suprisingly we did not catch or see anything over the low water using x slayers

and Hawg Wild Lures


We then set up the surfcasters to fish the hiigh tide for bream flatfish and red mullet








Again this resulted in no points, the sea seemingly deseted and such a

contrast from the day before and even the year before.


A switch to LRF  tactics however brought some fun with the Wrasse

close to the rockly outcrop on Shell beach where the tide runs through

at over 6 knots