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Fishing the east coast gutters

east coast gutter territory


Night time is a whole new HRF game

Local knowledge is vital to survive the adventure on to the rocks,catching the tides at the right time ,casting the lure into the right place and following the tide as it falls and rises.

with Keith it was a privilege to do all these things.

HRF gear was a Hokkaido 240/40 rod and an Aluminium Pro

No weight is used as a SENKO lure can be cast a long way on 15lb braid

The fish lay in ambush in the fast flowing gutters ,sometimes in less than a foot of water.

To hook up you have to think like a fly fisherman,look at my grayling article in a previous blog

The water is still full of snags rocks and weed but the texas rig set up sees you through it all

You cast your lure up stream and let it come round on the dangle in the fast flowing water,then bang and hang on as these fish are often larger than normal and the water makes them go like a train

A gutter showing how the fast tide rips down,removing the sand as it goes


No fish were caught during our two night stint the gutter but it was still a privilege to be out there.

On our last day we took a walk down them in the day time.

It was like being on your own planet ,only you could see Jersey in the distance.

You could have been on the  Seychelles or the Caribbean.

Our fishing world,where are we?

Fish were seen in the crystal clear water ,,Bass and Golden Grey Mullet,Rockfish and Turbot.


crystal clear water off the coast of Jersey

This is certainly one of the ways forward in lure fishing,the main point being you are presenting your lure in the most natural way possible.,like a fish just holding itself in the tide.,not zooming past at 900 miles an hour

Bass fishing and Wrasse fishing are very different

LRF and HRF are very different

To fish these methods with confidence its important to read all you can and ask all you can

I am confident that over the next few years these terms will come more and more used in mainstream fishing

It s not just relevant to the Channel Islands ,I think the whole coast where there is tide and current.

Even low visability where vibration is an important location method for fish.

I will even try it in the Bristol  Channel this summer 

The team HRF for Rockfish. Different lures and weighting could make the difference Aluminium Pro and Pride 240/40 HRF


I found the lighter you can fish,the more sucess you have.


Dave of Prolures showing us how not to cross a rock gulley


Knowing when to be where is vital for sucess

This will take time to learn but the rewards will be there

Major Craft SALTZ LRF 7 6 and Alcedo MSP 3000 .The perfect combination.


 A tip here from YGK Dave


Don't overfill your spool with braid. You need a gap to the rim to help slow the braid down when it flies off the spool

Do this and you wont get so many tangles and braid knots.

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