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Lessons from Jersey Bass Guides being applied in Guernsey(the sunnier isle)

Even the flowers are real in Guernsey

Even the flowers are real in Guernsey

OK ,I might be jossing but the weather over the weekend of 16 July was truly awful in Guernsey,the event of my neices wedding.

A great time was has by all and the Uk side of the family throughly let its hair down and drunk Guernsey dry

The fishing wasnt bad either

The first night mark

The first night mark

This was the venue for the first night I got there,wind howling from the west but thats the beauty of an Island,there always a lee shore

First time plastic fishing in Guernsey,always been a live sand eel man,me eh!

It was well dark so I texas rigged up an HWL senko (available from me of Course) and waded out,casting into the black

First cast,I swear,no BS,first cast

Whatever it was kited up stream and I had to let it go against the clutch,didnt feel like a Bass,couldnt be a rocky.

A few minutes later all was revealed with a fabulous looking pollack ,maybe 4 or 5 lb slid over the top of the water.

I have never caught in years a fish of that size in the summer in Guernsey.

Next cast in again before I had a chance to slowly turn the spool.

This time a surface fight quickly revealed the silver spined culprit,small but lovely to see,

Fish dont half fight in the dark with no weights to hinder them,I thought both fish were monsters.

Sorry not organised enough to get any photos

Tackle was a Hokkaido Spin 240/40 and aluminium Pro with YGK braid,

Hokkaido 240/40  A great inexpensive HRF rod with Pro Reel

Hokkaido 240/40 A great inexpensive HRF rod with Pro Reel

Next few days I was there every night trying to replicate my success when weddings and hangovers didnt get in the way,but not a touch

Strange the way it goes

Tried the north coast with Small HWL senkos and Keitch lures next few days with some sucess on the rockfish,no monsters but they dont have to be to be fun


Then on the last day the weather broke and it was off to Herm to fish the low water at the top of the Island

Low tide in Herm

Low tide in Herm

Low tide in Herm

Low tide in Herm

Wading was done in only two foot of water in dull but bright conditions with a heavy North West wind

Immeadiatly the small bass started to come,great fun when you know you have got it right


The fishing slackened off over the low water even if the current was still ripping through but picked up again on the flood

You had to retrieve really slow and find the lure that worked on the day,in this case X slayers


The final experience was sureal when I cast too far onto a large rock,flipped it off onto the vrac only for a large pair of lips to come up like a trout

The lips came up and swallowed the SP like a trout....

The lips came up and swallowed the SP like a trout....

A battle at 50 yds commenced,trying to get the fish first out from behind the rock and the weed before it kited off into the 4 knot current and refused to move any further

A lot of swearing and steady pressure got it out and eventually a large rocky was beached

the beached whale

the beached whale

Life doent get any better and SP fishing has certainly spiced my fishing up