More Hokkaido Metsuki stories   a lure that really works Sep26


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More Hokkaido Metsuki stories a lure that really works

Hi Bill, I recently bought some Hokkiado lures off you that you had to send
to my caravan in Devon as I was on holiday there. You asked me for some feed
back on them, so here goes.
Fishing locally I have had bass on the Candy and black/silver floating but
nothing on the anchovy, which I probably use more often.
They cast extremely well even into the wind and only the Tackle House Feed
Shallow has caught me more fish.
I fished at my van in Devon this weekend, and yesterday conditions were
perfect. I started with the sinking anchovy but had no succes, changed to  a
Duo 150 surf and was into fish from the 1st cast. I then changed to the
black/silver floating which I have a lot of faith in and caught my biggest
of the day at 5lb 6oz.
Changing again to the "candy" floating I had another of 3lb and lost 2 other
in a 15min period.
I think these lures represent great value, and are going to catch a lot of
fish for me

.[metsuki iridium and a bass, a pefect couple "]