New Bass competition in the Gower this May Mar09


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New Bass competition in the Gower this May

  • Bass competition to have a good go out in Wales 29th May

  • The  Bass we will be looking for on the 29th May




  • Now postponed to July
  • I have been asked to try and help publicise a brand new lure fishing competition that is being run on in south west Wales on May 29th 2011 – the fact that this brand new event is going to be fished on a purely catch and release basis is something that I wholeheartedly agree with. Make sure to keep an eye on the website of the South West Wales Association of Sea Angling Clubs (phew !!, or SWWASAC for short) – check it out here. You can also download entry forms from this website.
  • This new competition is attracting a lot of interest, and already prizes have been put up by Veals, Monster Tackle, Italia Fishing, Lure Heaven and Pro Lures Direct – with more to come I am sure. What I reckon the best thing about this whole event is that all the money collected from the entry fees will go to the Air Ambulance and Fishing Tuition for Vulnerable Children. Nice one guys. Nobody is making any money on this, and all the people involved are giving their time for nothing. As I always say, anglers are some of the finest people on this earth…….
  • As I said, this event is on May 29th of this year – it starts at midday and runs until 5pm the same day. Nice and easy. The start and finish point for the comp is the Ship Inn Port Enyon on the famous Gower peninsular in south west Wales. Anybody with any idea about bass fishing especially knows all about this part of the world. There will be various members from B.A.S.S. around on the day as well. The entry fee is £10 for adults, and juniors under 16 can enter for free. There will be an additional pool of £3 for best other species and the main prizes are for best length bass and best length combined bag (bass) with various prizes in each section. Go for it !!