Slapton Sands Devon Bass Aug31


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Slapton Sands Devon Bass

slapton sands lure caught bass

Sometimes you wonder how customers get on with the lures you sell
Hokkaido Metsuki lures are certainly causing a stir

Heres his story

) Slapton Sands: On hols with the family, & found myself with a "free pass" for the afternoon as the wife
& daughter were off for a girlie evening with friends. A quick check of the tide book showed a favourable 7.30pm
high tide, & the weather forecast for the day was overcast with a light southerly breeze. I fancied a challenge, so
headed for the fairly featureless shingle beach at Slapton, somewhere I've only fished a couple of times – with a
couple of 1lb schoolies to show for my trouble.
Arrived at about 5:30pm, parking at the far east end of the beach to find it quiet, with a few anglers sat watching
their beachcasters – "not much showing" seemed the general view of those there. Tackled up, & took a slow stroll
along the beach away from the anglers, as i've found most seem to fish close to the car park, and started having a
flick with a favorite lure every few paces along the shoreline. After an hour or so of walking & cycling through lures,
with not even a knock, I spotted a ripple of bait fish about 50 yards out, obviously being chased to the surface. Out
went my lure – nothing. Quick change to another – nothing. Hmm, tried a couple of old favs, nothing. Time for something
different, so I dug out a rather garish looking iridium Hokkaido Metsuki 150, (bought last year at a tackle show with the
"guarantee" from the stall holder that "this will catch you a fish") but as yet untried. Out it went, & after a couple of
cranks to work the lure the rod bounced round, fish on! After a short tussle, a nice 3lb bass was at my feet. Unhooked
& released, I recast & whump, I'd barely closed the bail arm when off we went again, this time after a spirited couple of
runs I was looking at a lovely 4.25lb bass on the shingle (as pic). Well, could it be third time lucky – no, but cast number
four was followed by another thump on the Metsuki, and bass no.3 was soon on the beach, just a few ounces smaller
than the last.
Well that was all for the night, as it all went quiet again, but I left with a new fav lure, the Hokkaido Metsuki 150 and
a smile on my face.