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The biggest bass of the year so far

Ok , I know the tides have been great ,the weather has been great and tts the right time of year but the fishing in Lyme bay has been really hot this Autumn.

Lure fishing with Metsuki Lures and Popper shas been working fine and a really populat method is reeling in Dxter wedges really fast over the inshoare wrecks but my mate Charlie Sayer has really been taking the piss.

His prefered method is to get down to the bigger fish using live baits.

On the bigger tides and calm weather this really seems to work with the bigger wiser older fish

On consecutive trips he has taken bass of 10lb.11lb and yesterday 13 and half pounds among a string of larger specimens.

Ambition acheived for someone who wanted to land a double


A lot of the fish are carefully returned but some of the fish are gut hooked on livebaits so are kept


I wonder if circle hooks would work.?


The live baits can be any size but it seems larger horse mackeral or Scad as they are known are prefered to anything else


The takes an be savage or very tenatative but you dont have long for the fish to make up its mind as the boat will whizz over the wreck on the big tides.


Droping the lure or bait to the bottom when just past the superstructure can make all the difference.


Please forgive the picture of the biggest fish as it was dark by the time Charlie got home.




"the biggest so far thirteen and a half do not fish light for this ][/caption]