A Christmas day out in the English Channel Dec30


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A Christmas day out in the English Channel

Yesterday I managed that very rare feat of a day out wreck fishing out of Dartmouth in the middle of winter

With time constraints and all the bad weather its very rare plans come together with the right weather window to get out there and give it a go

Yesterday was one of those rare days


I went out with good friend who lives in Dartmouth


The boat was  Owen Manillas         Outlaw

  dates here

Individuals are well catered for with a variety of dates every week.

The best of the Pollack fishing seems to be going back every year

20 years ago it was January February,now its April,

December is very early however and we had to steam at 17knots for over 2 hours to the edge of the herd deep off Alderney to try to find the fish

The wreck was from 2006 and therefore very new and large,they soon get reduced in size by the trawlers!

We arrived on the end of the ebb tide to find 2 small commercial rod and line boats from Dartmouth already hard at it

Surreal when there is such a big ocean out there but I reckon they all know whats fishing and what isnt

Nets are also a huge problem ,cast over the wrecks mainly on neap tides and pulled up leaving bits behind snagged up on the superstructure

A  netted wreck is hard to fish and a wreck with a net on is a complete no no After we loered down our rubber lures we caught an occasional fish before they completely switch off on the slack

We all anticipated good fishing on the flood,also the southerly wind was quite warm so no probs there

However it just didn’t happen for us

I ended up with 3 proper fish for the day,averaging 10lb

All caught on a  purple jelly worm I was probably close to top rod and some guys didn’t score at all

Interestingly it fished best in the last hour on the ebb tide just before dark

I really enjoyed the day however with great chat and banter on board

A great thing to do in the christmas holidays

Below are some pictures of some fish caught last April,just after the pollack had spawned and the Cod had begun to take plastics again when they switch to feeding on Briitle Star fish,there staple diet of the summer

Good Spring Pollack caught on Outlaw of Dartmouth

Good Spring Pollack caught on Outlaw of Dartmouth

 great looking Cod caught on a small white sidewinder

great looking Cod caught on a small white sidewinder

Plastic Lures for winter pollack

Plastic Lures for winter pollack


 try to use the lightest rod possible to give maximium feel at the take and  give the taking fish a moment to take the lure

I am sure this gave me an advantage yesterday with only the 12lb class rod and 8 oz of lead max used

Use a lever drag multiplier and 30lb braid  to get the best balance and keep the lure working by winding slowly once you touch bottom

Limit snagging the wreck by using a weak link on your lead and keep a note of the skippers advisw as to when you are over the wreck.

Give it a go and good luck,if you want any advise email me