Another Wreck Fishing Session off Dartmouth Apr01


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Another Wreck Fishing Session off Dartmouth



Another Wreck Fishing  Session off Dartmouth 



Friday the 30th of March was a proper summers day 20 miles into the English Channel off Dartmouth.


The day started at 6 am with a perfect sunrise and we were on the mark by 8.30 am


A small 3,9 meter tide meant that it was never going to be a mega day but with absolutly no wind whatsover the last of the Ebb tide produced sizable

Ling  from the first drop until the tide stopped


Bubblegum Eddystones did the damage,all other lures being ignored .




The slack tide produced slack fishing although  a swich to pouting fillet produce some very tentative takes from smaller Ling



As the tide picked up on the flood the fishing picked up accordingly



Two huge Ling were lost when traces were bitten through and a switch to wire meant the bites dried up



Swiching back to lures started to produced a nice stream of double figure cod to rubarb and custard Sidewinders




The fishing then slowed and only picked up with a switch of lures to Savage Gear Eels in their smaller size


Large pollack stared mixing it up with the cod


The take is a lot more powerful,dare I say savage and a couple of fish found the sanctuary of the wreck before they could be stopped




As can be seen the weather was still like a hot day on the Med


The fishing was so good it was prudent to give your back a rest and take a break.


Using lighter rods and gear really helps with this and I think attracts more takes.


As the savage gear lures were lost in battle the fishing died off but even on the last drift having gone over the wreck and the skipper was pulling in


another good cod took hold



A perfect end to a perfect day.