Do expensive fishing braids make a difference? Jan28


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Do expensive fishing braids make a difference?



I have recently had two wreck fishing trips where this winter the main target has been Ling taken on bait


This is because the tides have been small and the Pollack and Cod do not seem to have been around in the usual numbers.


Ling are underestimated sport fish and great eating, if not the prettiest fish to look at.


They are also incrediably fickle and the bite sometimes is no more than a light pull down of the rod tip as your bait hovers inches from getting snagged up on the wreck you are drifting over below.



Great awarness of feel is required in your rig to know if your line is dragging against the wreck, getting a ling bite or is it simply a pesky pout nibbling away.( great bait though)


Thin and sensitive 8 strands which are easy to tie safe knots in . are forgiving on the reel if the line overlaps and are strong enough to get an angry 25lb fish away from inside a  wreck quickly are thin on the ground.


Similar rules seem to apply when livebaiting for Bass




you can use lighter set ups and leads


This enables you to feel for the movement of the bait fish before the Bass attack and this gives you warning to freespool the line when the fish takes


I even do this with the ling when they take a fresh pouting fillet,  a better winter bait than frozen  mackeral in my opinion



Of course, when these big pollack are around on the bigger tides, you can have all the fun anyway!


Pollack respond to lures fished directly up and down


When the tides and winds dont match often your line is sent steaming at big angles away from the boat


If this happens you can kiss your fishing good bye for the day


Thin braid help you keep the line up and down and increases the catch rate




this is the braid I recommend




Yes its pricey and yes it only comes on 150m spools but whem you are spending £60-00 to get out there on a charter and you dont catch it might seem like the bargain of a life time



More detail on it here


Fish it with light 12lb class rods and lever drag multipliers from companies such as Avet to balance up yor gear.



Have fun