Fishy Photos Feb08


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Fishy Photos

Just looking through some old photos and I thought I would just publish a few with explainations for anyone who is interested

Summer Pollack and Cod

Summer Pollack and Cod



These fish were caught on on mark in the middle of the English Channel just south of Channel Light Ship

Come May the Cod migrate onto these rock pinnacles eating brittlestars,a small type of starfish

Stuffed to the gills they are

This session on a commercial rod and line boat on its way back from Guernsey(I was working my passage,thank you Dave) was tremendous and if you didnt get a good class of fish every drift you were the subject of riducle on the boat as it motored up stream for another drift

This type og rod and line commercial fishing using plastic lures on long traces is the way to go for sustainable fishing and is profitable for the crew as well

Everyone is a winner

The problem still comes with discards of course when the boats limit of cod is caught every month no more can be commercially landed and they are put back

We all know this is crazy but a least we can adjust lures and tactics to try and avoid the Cod and just catch the Pollack

Spring and summer wrecking is a great day out and you can keep what you catch

Try this website to book an individual day out in Dartmouth,a great place to go

I reccomend  Ian Nobles Samuel Irvin and Owen Mallias Outlaw of Dartmouth

You will find them both on the link