Soft Plastic Lures rule the waves May28


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Soft Plastic Lures rule the waves







Soft Plastic Lures rule the waves



A large ling on a savage gear sandeel from Veals


Another day wrecking off Dartmout last week produced the same results as the last trip




Every trip though has its different moments


This trip started on the 24th May on a beautiful calm morning at Greenway, up the river from Dartmouth where Charlie keeps his Jennau 625 Merry Fisher




Unfortunatly he had foggotten to take off the boat  some  dead mackerel from 2 days before….


The result was the Black Back Seagulls found the boat to there liking with mess 2 inches thik all over the place


This took a good 30 minutes to remove and was not a job for the faint hearted


Picking up Owen, a colleague from the lure  forum  from Kingswear we made our way out of the Estuary and to the wreck


The flooding tide did not produce the goods expected although Owen thought his procession of 5lb pollack to orange jelly worms was fantastic


Finally he nailed a double figure fish whose strength really took him by suprise…


Summer wreck pollack fight harder than winter ones I reckon,




Lures with lead heads such as Sidewinders and Savage Gear did not produce and knowing that the wreck should be doing it better and with a lot of Cod around this year we moved to another wreck close by


The plan was to wait until the Ebb tide to see if the main wreck would produce the goods we knew it was capable of


Unusually last of the flood and the slack produce some memorable fishing mainly to bait


This picture should be entitled  " which one is the cod "



Double shots of Cod and some Ling gave themselves up mainly to Pout Fillet






I had a monster fish on stripping braid from the reel before finding the wreck and the others had there moments with big fish too


One great moment was another vist from Dolphins, the second time in two visits to this wreck


I hope to get a little video to work on this blog


A huge explosion a littl e further away looked like a whale breaching but who knows


This was just paradise with weather to die for… 


A move back to the big wreck on the Ebb immeadiatly started producing the goods





Big double figure Cod and pollack started to become the norm every drift with the occasinal ling thrown in for good measure



This one took 15 minutes to subdue and some nervous moments close to the wreck


It was noticable that Owens catch rate started falling off the cliff


His braid was of a heavier dimension than Charlies or mine and his line was starting to stream behind the boat regardless of how much weight he put on


Once your lure is not fish almost directly up and down your catch rate really begins to suffer


Invest in the highest grade of braid  and watch your catches soar


A Coalfish, the first for the boat in 10 ,years of wrecking made a welcome appearance as well




One for the Jelly worm, much cheaper than the lead head lures and on the slacker tides normally more effective.



The final fish of the day




The tide died out and with it the fishing and a very tired 3 anglers head back to Dartmouth


One of the pleasures and problems with a great day out is dealing with the catch as catchand release from depth is rarely possible


Filleting is not easy on a moving boat leaving a long evening of cleaning your catch when home, and what a weight it is to put in the back of the car


You do seem to collect a lot of friends though!!


I will do a list of recomended tackle etc for wrecking around Dartmouth in a different article. for those who are interested.