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speed jig fishing in Cuba

speedjigging in Cuba using Alcedo green line jigging rod

smallish GT
dolphin fish in Cuba

Speed jig fishing in Cuba seem to be one of the in holidays at the moment,cost £800-00 or so for a two week Thomas Cook holiday

Been sent loads of information from John regarding this and lots on the WS Forums as well

The guys are using the short spccialist jigging rods from italiafishing  and speed jigs

The short rod mean its not quite as much hard work jigging from 200m of depth

Reels are specialist as well with strong gearing and sophisticated drags

Apparantly the best guide on the Cayos is Deniski and the hotel to stay at the Miella

Anyway here are some great photos of some exotic fish  from Cuba,caught on my gear

They also use the rods for trollling from hobie cats off the reef,must quite alot of fun


You catch Doilphin,Sailfish .wahoo .all sorts