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Vertical Jigging gets better and better

first-monster-33-kg2I have had some good comments on my feature on how to vertical jig

It seems it is getting a more popular method by the day

A recent customer has kindly sent some information and photos over on the Cape Verde Islands


I  cant say I know a lot about the fishing over there except that judging from these photos it look like you need to go to the gym first to

stand any chance at all


I think the best thing about vertical jigging is that at least you do it all yourself,the skipper of course needs to know where to put the boat but then its just you against the monsters of the deep


What monster of the deep is it this time


There are Amberjacks and then there are.....


Black Jack Trevally. one of the best jigging species


Sporting Black Jack




The boat concerned is the Dona Pi skippered by Miguel Gamito out of Mindelo in Sao Vicente Cape Veerde Islands. I have fished with Miguel for years in El Hierro Canary Islands and he is now based in CV. Marlin to 1000lbs, Tiger shark to 1000lbs, Stingray to 600lbs, Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, Jacks,Grouper u name it these rich and largely unknown and unfished waters have them in abundance!!! Miguel will happily undertake any form or style of fishing for his party. Jigging, trolling, night fishing, popping, etc. Hotel is cheap and the sun is hot! My best so far with him is an 850lbs Malfara 6 gill shark………took 3 of us 3 hours from 1000 metres to land and release!!!!Also I have taken Marlin to 400lbs but that`s a baby!!! Film of the shark catch available to see us sweat!!!!Catch and release for protected and threatened species is a given.
I am going to be out there again this coming October and there are places available on board! If you are interested for then or alternate times send me an email to harvey@bankwood.net for further info. Tight lines:) H