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welcome to the world of Italiafishing

This blog is underway today the 29 July

I hope that it will appear Ok as I am a total twit when it comes to modern technology but nothing ventured ,nothing gained.

Its the blog of a fishing nut whon now happens to be trying to sell an entire new brand of fishing tackle into the UK ON NO ADVERTISING BUDGET WHATSOEVER

To make it interesting I will try to keep it lighthearted and focused on catching fish,not selling fishing tackle but I cant promise

Barbel fishing on the river wyelast week on the wyebank and courtfield strech at Lydbrook

You can book this through the Usk and Wye foundation

I hope these links work

Anyway the beat is very shallow at the bottom with some great runs only 2 or 3 foot deep at the max

The owner is trying to promote float fishing instead of the normal heavy feeder tactics and after all the canoes had left the pub I duly tried float fishing a hair rigged halibut pellet using a 15t heavy Match rod set up from italiafishing

To be honest I struggled in the very fast flow as the river was a foot up and hammering through .

Fish I caught

The halibut pellet kept on being dislodged from the hair whatever I did with the elastic and I lost a few floats fishing overdepth and holding the whole lot back as advised.

Eventually it wasnt a snag that took the float down but something that would not move from the bottom despite appearing to be alive and well.

Wading out eventually got it to move and a lttle later a barbel of 4lb was being landed followed by a Chub of around 3lb.

a change to the feeder though,placed just behind an exposed boulder brought an immeadiate response with the rod wrenched from its tripod and quite a few more folloed on,chub and barbel to 6lb or so.

The barbel were on a 2lb test curve rod and even so I needed to wade out often to de snag them before getting them in.Got cut off a few times too.

The wye must be the best barbel river in the country now,unfortunatly  for the salmon whoses eggs they must eat but I always see anglers on the deep slow sections,

Try the shallows where the fish fight harder and you may be suprised.

A good day out anyway.