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Barbel on fly

barbel on the sweetcorn fly

OK,not quite a fly but a plastic sweetcorn imitation on a goldhead,actually I hooked 2 but they are just so strong it bent the hook out.This could become a sport in its own right

Also achieved a personel best chub on a float around 5lb,A real tussle on a 15 ft hokkaido match rod and 5lb line in very fast water

Same beat on the wye  wyebank and courtfield

tomorrow we go to Guernsey on holiday to the in laws,plenty of opportunity for the bass on lures or live freelined sand eel


Plenty of beach mullet and a few black bream around around as well,a bit early as the main run is October,they are my favourite fish to eat


a good site for the channel islands is alderneyangling.com and fish-guernsey.co.uk

My  favourite is freelining off the beach with very light gear,you can feel the sand eel trying to get away before the bass picks it up and runs away.


Kayak fishing is also getting popular over there although i have to say ours in inflatable but very strong,it still gets you out there though!!!

Will now try and put a photo up of the bearbel I managed to land on fly,feel free to ask if you want to know more







Looking forward to it immensley