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Laxa a Asum Salmon Fishing August 2012




Laxa a Asum Salmon Fishing August 2012




I was lucky enough this August to visit Iceland and experienced the fantastic


Salmon Fishing available there




My brother and I used the local service Salmon Tails who I cant recomend

high enough


Our guide Arnar met us  and we visited the thermal spa “the blue

lagoon” on the way to our hotel for a quick outdoor swim



First thing to do in Iceland is to have a thermal bath at the blue lagoon!




The Laxa A Asum is a 2 hour trip north of Reyjavik




The main church in Reykjavik has a lift to the top and a lift to get you there for the great views



Its a great place to visit with lots of good restaurants and bars and

interesting houses



Tha air is so clean



A no cycle area in Reykjavik old town


The trip North is in one of those huge fat tyred 4 by 4 vehicles so essential for

getting around when you are off the main road.


The lodge was quite amazing and was only built last year



Photo of the lodge taken in the first rain Iceland experienced for months!

The fishing was on a very small looking river, quite low for the time of year

Iceland has had a tough year with no rain from spring right through to August



The first afternoon there was used by getting us familiar with the local

methods on this famour river.



The riffle hitch using small plastic tubes of less than half an inch seem the


favoured method  with a hole in the side of the tube making the hitch



Sorry about the focus on the tiny tube fly

The fly kites sideways in the current causing a V on the surface and the

salmon seem unable to rsist the movement slashing at the fly


If the fish does not become attached and “goes down,” the pool is fished

through again with a small light sunray shadow type fly



This very often results in a very satisfacory tightening of the line


Our guides Arnars Rod was a 4 weight 9 foot new hardy Sintrix for the



I had brought a 10 foot 5 weight Sage and my brothers was a 10 foot 6

weight Sintrix

and I thought we had come too light! 



Size 18 tubes  and 4 weight rods meant that this was going to be different


The river had a fast thin flow with tiny little pools and runs


These were all to be fished with the best pool just below the Hut



The most famous pool is the Manafoss waterfall , google it for more

information but its an iconic fishing pool in Iceland


The beautiful falls create a great stopping place for the Salmon which seem

to be able to run very fast in inches of water




The method is to dangle a riffle hitched tube just beyond the foaming fast

water and watch for signs of fashing silver


The first afternoon was spent here seeing plenty of fish but landing none and

at the top pool on the river which serves as some sort of arrival point for the

fish in that it looks like a small lake with a wide pool. quite shallow with a

gentle flow and thick weed


Fluguhylur pool where all the salmon seem to rest



Here my brother caught the first fish of the trip , a nice 8lb fish with a hint of

colour on a Sunray after the fish had moved to the hitch.



Ten pound fish on in Flugylur pool later in the week

You cant mention :Laxa a Asum without mentioning the food cooked by one

of the best chefs in Iceland in his time off as he is a fishing maniac



The Salmon Tails Team


Just unbelievable



View from my bedroom at mignight 



Day two saw the team take on the river in earnest


The first pool saw a lovely take as the riffle hitch came across the lower end

A nose came up and  with a large slurp the fly was gone


Fish on


The fight was heavy and dour, this was no grilse or small salmon


It moved up stream in slow and determined manner hanging on as deep as it could in the crystal clear water


A huge tail came up , a quick headshake and it was gone……..


“big fish”  said Arnar.



We worked our way downstream without further comment.

Every pool had a fish ot two willing to play but keeping them on was proving

impossible for both of us, great fun though provided you were not desperate

to catch  which strangely I wasnt.



You could see it was going to happen eventually so just enjoy it!



Looking for salmon from the road bridge pool,

This pool is one of the first stopping places for fish after they come through

the sea pool

Arnar was always confident that if fish were seen here even if they did not

stay long those fish could be intercepted higher up and taken, even individual



Where else in the world is there such confidence about taking fish!



The sea pool


A no show in terms of fish for us but a few weeks before a 15lb salmon and

a 20lb sea trout was taken here on in as many casts.



The estuary where in June and July Artic Char and Sea Trout are taken


These fish are even stronger than the salmon and very agressive,

Unfortunatly we were a bit late for them but I had one little suicidal sea trout


It was a great but frustrating day and we ended the day  right up at the top

of the river after a play at Manfoss with some big fish which just waved

there fins at us yet again!


Here fish rolled and smashed into the fly fighting like tigers before self

releasing ( getting away) early!


We must have ended up with over 10 to 15  fish all doing the Houdini act but

what fun !


Sunset over home pool


Another night of great food and bed


I had a plan for Day 2 and that was to catch a fish

Early before breakfast I was done on home pool


Immeadiatly I was into a small fish on the hitch which hurled itself all over the

place before being landed



Unfortunatly it did not recover and became dinner, fantastic it was as well.


The pool is very small but after all the splashing I immeadiatly fished it again

with a shadow and had another bigger heavier fish


Time for breakfast




One benefit of fishing here was the ability to test a new reel from the fly-

fishing-company, the QC, which Italiafishing Uk has taken on for next year


A lovely bit of kit at a silly price.The shops in Iceland will hopefully take

 them on as a result of the test , lovely drag, a quick change spool and a

nice click when the fish takes

A major benefit is how light it is when compared to the Tibor reel we were

using on the 6 weight.


This enabled my brother to keep on fishing even with a dodgy shoulder.



The fishing continued with Salmon coming thick and fast between large trout

which gave good impressions of being heavy salmon



This fish took 40m of line before being stopped by the heavy Tibor reel

I am trying to come back for the trout and char , further up the river next year


The greatest sucess was had at the top pool

Fish to 15lb were taken on surface lures when the wind blew


These fish crashed the fly many times before taking and reminded me of

muddler fishing in the Uk





A another huge fish was lost at these heavy falls where 20lb seagaur fluoro

was no match against an instant smash take.

Prehaps  should have used the new Excellent Fluorocarbon from Toray I am

now beginning to bring in to the UK


The fish then took off up the falls



Fresh Fish , normally in the 5lb class continued to be taken,one memorable

one being taken in inches of water as it ran the top of a pool after refusing

my brother hitched fly


It liked my fast stripped sunray however as I was watching from the top as

I couldnt resist the cast as the fish came through

They run really fast


This  4 weight rod and reel combination accounted for a 99cm fish at the

end of the season


The last morning before the flight back was only a couple of hours but in that

time 3 more fish were taken


A 3 hour trip to the airport and a chat to anglers on the bigger more well

known rivers comfirmed we has been on the right river with some anglers

not even seeing a fish .We had experinced the trip of a lifetime and are a

lucky pair of anglers




Table at a Reyjavik Coffe house


Great Recycling 



To fish Laxa a Asum in 2014 a unique opportunity has come for early July 2014


A 3.5 day slot is available at a great value price of £2100 excluding flights


Thjis includes all food and lodging except what ever you want to so in Rejkavik before or after



To enquire please email me at sales@italiafishing.co.uk