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Magic at Charlton Park Trout Fishery



Magic at Charlton Park Trout Fishery




The last two seasons at Charlton Park have been quite hard after the end of May with low water flows making the river canal like





I know the floooding has been a misery to some but for the river a magical transformation has taken place







Mud had been removed from the bottom and the gravel bed re exposed , fantastic for next years spawning fish




Weed have been submerged and the rushes clogging the river will be drowned and killed off


Ranculus will re appear and with it the fly life so important to all living creatures of the river



A half days fishing today showd an excellent head of wild fish on a gold head



Beautiful fish with fabolous markings



Day tickets are available to Charlton Park on request



The mayfly however will be a couple of weeks late I think due to the cold deep water