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Mayfly fishing at its best











The Cotswolds is not generaly regarded as the premier river trout fishery in the country but at the moment , with the rain having brought the water levels up and the Maytfly coming off it is making a strong case for itself


Yesterday I had the good fortune with a friend of mine to be able to fish 3 rivers


The Windrush, the Coln and the Bristol Avon at Charlton Park


All with there different characteristics


The Windrush was not in the best form with an intermittent hatch and no trout coming up


It had the air of a fishery where the trout were full but something might happen later in the day


I had the good fortune to take 3 small wild fish before fishing a wild peice of water beyond and over an old barb wire fence


Here a few fish were moving and my friend had first go but missed the rises


The water was left for a while before I went back more in hope than expectation


This was soon raised as a huge fish chased my skating Dry wulf under the surface but it didnt take


Eventually I saw it move again and had to cast down stream and across to reach it giving the line a mend


A huge head instantly appeared and follwed the fly down stream  ages before slowly putting it in its mouth


This was a difficult position to be in as a strike would tear the hook away from the fish so I just let the line tighten

and she was on


The water was deep but narrow and fast with trees across the water below me and I was in no position to follow


Stalemate between the monster and my 3 weight ensued for ages


It felt like I had hooked the bottom but it was slowly moving


Up and down it went for 5 minutes before it rolled on the surface and then shot down stream like a rocket into the tree


Giving it slack it stopped and slowly came back up


Coming close to edge and with the fish not at all tired I managed to get its head up and as it turned back down it swam into the waiting net


it measued 52 cm or 23 inches and I reckon around 5 to 6 lb


Pictures are here but there was only a phone camera it it was very quickly returned to the river in the net to recover as who wants to harm such a specimen




The fishing slowed down after that and a move to the Coln  showed fish moving all over the place to Mayfly


But could you catch one?


As soon as your fly landed they were gone


an hour of struggling and one fish later it was time to fish the evening at Charlton Park Fishery


A fish on the first cast soon confirmed we had made the right decision


These are all wild fish but several went 1 and half pounds and put up epic struggles in the small river, still flowing clear and fast



It was time for a beer at the end of a great day.