Salmon Fishing on the cheap Feb08


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Salmon Fishing on the cheap

Everyone thinks Salmon fishing is a rich mans sport

Believe me when I say a few  days on the Salmon can be as cheap as a day on a day ticket coarse fishing lake

Not only that but if you have a little flexibility in your week you can go when you know theres a good chance of a fish

For example the southern rivers of Scotland ,the Annan and the Nith have plenty of good day ticket water

You dont have to be good with the fly to have a good time or fit in either

Spinning a Flying C or a carefully worked lure,generally a Rapala type can be deadly and these techniques come from other disciplines of our sport such as Pike or Bass fishing

In particular I like the worm,or in the case of Salmon a whole bunch of lobworms

A couple of days in November two years ago produced a whole bunch of fish all from the same pool on the Annan

A 25lb coloured cock salmon on worm,unharmed

It was a deep narrow fast flowing gulley and without 3 oz of lead there was no way any of these fish could have been caught

The technique is the same as river fishing for Barbel with a moving ledger,when it stops or feels strange leave it for a while then lift

To stop the salmon getting the worms too far down I have started using circle hooks with great success

I had a friend with me who is a scot and a fly purist to boot but after 4 fish he too had a go and caught one first cast

The fish goes back unharmed

It snowed,rained,blew and shined when we were there but i think these conditions are great for worming

The evening after the storm,river Annan in November

There would have been more photos of the other fish caught but the camera was in the tackle bag 300m away

This is too far away when I recomend that as soon as you catch one fish you must get straight back down there for the next

This works far to often to be a coincidence,in this case it was 5 fish in an hour before it all went quiet