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fishing on the Avon


This entry is to showcase the Charlton Park Fishery located near Malmesbury in Wiltshire

Its a great little fishery even if I say so myself as I help run it on behalf of the estate

It was the favourite fishery of King George the V and has some of the best Mayfly fishing I know of

It kicks of about the 2nd week May and carries on until the end of June.



winding through 3 miles of the most beautiful and private valleys on the Gloucestershire Wiltshire border the upper Bristol Avon is a small and intermet river

Challenging due to its small size and wild banks it has a healthy wild population of Brown trout

Not many coarse fish but there are some chub in the lower reaches

Split into two beats of very different character it has slow parts,fast riffles and woody heavy rooted deep pools.


The banks are well fenced,great at keeping the cattle out but hard on the waders,which are only really needed on the lower beat to reach under  the tree cover

The fish are wild and very pretty with the lovliest spots






The fishing is very  challenging and varied with fast runs,deep slow pools and  shallow riffles


It suprising however how large the odd fish seems to get





The  Mayfly is  its greatest asset,lasting well into june and there are always some hatching somewhere on the 2 miles of fishing






Its important to try and  see what the mayfly are dong and behavinng like to get the best results







A 3 weight 8 ft rod is hard to find but really works on this water as you can load it with a 4 weight line for the short casts required but have the length to get the rod over the rushes and bakside vegitation.




Cost for 2012 are going to be reduced to £250-00 with no stocking and an empahasis on the wild trout


To apply please contact me via Italiafishing







All preseason work has now been completed on the river


Trees cut,nettles trimmed and branches pulled out


The river is in fine condition, clear and at reasonable height



Hawthorn is out and I have seen some fine big fish looking very nervous in the clear water



Theres one in the middle of this picture



This actually is the best pool on the river,if you can cast under the tree its a banker at Mayfly time and a big sedge in the evening is a great shout.