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Grayling on the Wye

the upper wye

the upper wye

Really cold here at the moment just like everywhere else in the Uk

Spending a lot of time talking to the tackle trade about italiafishing

In particular a lot of interest in the Sagitar Pole rig line and the cromium feeder line which is great on the match fishing side of things

I intend to try and get the match reels equally well appreciated,they really are nice and I am going to push them on Match fishing to get the known in the market

The MTC 3000/5000 range  with 10b/b is gaining a little following with its wide spool allowing finger control while the Pride 4010 has 10 bearings as well but has a folding handle,a feature match anglers seem to like as they can pack away assembled rods faster into tackle bags allowing quicker set up times.

Anyway I manged a session on the grayling just before the cold weather cam e in on the upper wye,courtesy of the usk and wye foundation

I fished a beat called Ty-Nweydd on a very cold but clear autumn day

The best method seemed to be using 2 small gold heads on a very long leader with hardly any fly line out at all

By wading upstream I was able to drop the flys ahead of me and it was amazing how often the fish seemed to take only feet away from me.

the beat

the beat


the fish

the fish



Result the lady of the stream

Result the lady of the stream





Give the grayling a go,a lovely fish to catch

I also hope to push into other areas I know well


Bass fishing is a particular passion

Unfortunatly I sometimes have to live my passion through others as I dont live by the coast


Have a look at this for some great rock fishing,even a mention of my Alcedo Pro spinning reel which seems to be quite a hit


Fishing for wrasse seems to be the thing at this time of year on soft plastics

this involves droping the lure onto the fishes head from above allowing a good presentation without snagging up all the time on the rocks


Looks great fun