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Crazy fisherman in Portugal

Ever seen the crazy cliff fisherman of Portugal?

I swear we are 300ft up a shear cliff face with no way down other than roots and bits of rope and there are fisherman down the bottom in wet suits scaling another cliff face and then swimming out to a  mussel infested rock with a six foot swell to cope with

You would think after all that effort they would be catching some cracking fish .


I saw some bream of about a pound or so but that’s about all.

They have an interesting way of fishing though using long light telescopic rods with the end gear being a simple large split shot just above a hook generally baited with clam or mussel

Its flung into the general surf just in front of the rocks and aloud to wash around until you get a pull from a fish or its gets snagged in the rocks.

Its fun anyway and a good bag of edible fish generally results

Will try attach some photo’s of the lunatics down the cliffs and the guys at Sagres fishing on top of a 300 ft cliff