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End of Summer thoughts

the pier
start of the day  Casa Blanca Lodge November 2009
start of the day Casa Blanca Lodge November 2009


At the end of summer the last few years I have been lucky enough to look forward to a November fishing trip to an exotic location courtesy of  an older brother who kindly likes to have a week away from the cold


Last year it was The Yucatan Peninsula south of Cancun and just North of the border with Belize.


The fishing lodge is on an Island off the coast marking the south side outer perimeter of Acension Bay.

You are met on arrival from the UK ,direct flight courtesy of Thomas Cook ,and flown south 1hr to a little airstrip on an outer mangrovy Island  a few minutes boat ride from the Lodge.


Or thats whats suppose to happen but courtesy of a late hurricane cancun  airport was closed down as soon as my UK flight landed.

This resulted in an overnight stay and a 4hour drive the next morning to the other side of the peninsula.away from the rain and wind,were the little aircraft could skirt south and east to Casa Blanca

Arrival meant a lovely Majito was awaiting but it was scant compensation for the stories told around the meal table that night of 25lb Snook and 60lb Tarpon

Not to be outdone there is a little jetty with a light on the end   

Creeping to the end the sight was quite amazing with an aquarium of tarpon and permit mingling with the biggest Snapper I have ever seen.

It was still pouring with tropical rain and blowing hard which kept the fish from seeing me

These fish are fished for by the best fly anglers in the world so they have every right to be wary

But by putting a chartreuse jig head on the bottom and raising it induced take style I managed to fool a succesion of mid sized Tarpon,some of which stayed and some of which didnt

Startling stuff in the wind and rain,to land them I had to work them down the pier to the beach and then get in the water to unhook them

Amazing when you think a day before I was freezing  my #### off in England

Casa Blanca Point where the lodge and pier is


Hope this wets the appetite

I will update this story of last years trip tomorrow or as soon as possible