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End of summer thoughts part 11


Early Morning sunlight

Day 1 of the fishing involved a long run in the flats boat.

It took an hour and a half to get to the fishing and although its a hot place you sonnget cool in the wind and spray as well as a sore back from the banging and crashing of the flat bottomed skiff as it runs at over 25 knots into the back country of the bay.

The  target was snook


The fishery was experiencing an amazing run of these  silver fish,a cross between a bass and a pike which lives in fresh water in the cool of winter  and then running down the mangroves to the beach in the summer.

They congregate and hunt in the roots of mangroves  and are difficult to see and cast to,

Your fly casting needs to be spot on,often demanding a ninch perfect cast into the roots without getting tangled

Your guide poles you silently along the edge of the routes,often for 30 minutes or so without seeing a fish,and 3 come along all at once and then you mess up the cast.

You use a fly which looks like a pinfish ,a favourite coming form Enrico Pulgisi  ,easy flies to cast due to there light weight and with a great profile due to the materail they are tied from.

If the cast goes well you strip the fly away from the fish as it approaches in short sharp strokes and speed it up as the fish gives chase,sometimes 2 or 3 fish come out of there safety of the mangrove and you know you are in with a good chance.

When they engulf the fly you wait until the fish turns sideways before hitting it2 or 3 times.

Strike sideways and hard,unfortunatly I broke my sage on one ,something that seems to happen quite a lot.

Once hooked Snook are very strong and stubborn, often leaping many times.


I had never experienced fish like before hoever and we both ended the day catching double figures of big snnok,the largest well over 15lb.

We caught 7 out of one little hole in the mangrove,winkling them out one by one before going back for the next

The day was even ended with a couple of smallish 20lb tarpon


Heaven indeed.pb300162


Rod ready to go,the fly in the cork was the guide special that caught the permit,the ones in the blue carpet caught the snook.

Acension back country
a happy angler and an anxious snook


Again that evening I pursued the fish at the end of the pier,hooking something on fly that didnt want to stop this side of  Cuba.

I think it might have been the Cubera snapper but we will never know,such is the fishing in the Yucatan

I wondered what the rest of the week might bring