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Fishing in Guernsey Part 2



Fishing in Guernsey Part 2




October fishing in Guernsey is supposed to be when it is at its

best but this year I really struggled



I wonder if everything is a little later this year


With the bigger tides I managed to gig out some of the local

white ragworm known as catbait



With this fantastic bait we fished the big tides for the elusive

red mullet and black bream


The best fishing seemed to come from the east coast beween


Town and St Martins Point


Using the light surfcasters we had a great time with the best

session actually coming from in the Town Harbour casting

from the sailing club. A big fish was lost as well.Thats fishing.




Blacks were the most fun with a great fight on the light gear

but Bass made up an appeareance as well



The fishing was hard this year with evidence that inshore

netting is rife everywhere you look



The last day was spent on the Rockfish with the soft plastics.



One on the Molix Larvae






One on the HWL using a 1000 sized reel brought in direct

from China.


I hope to be importing it soon.


Below Alcedo Pride Surfcaster 100-200g and Alcedo


Runmaster Reel



A perfect combination


Thanks to Rob at micks fishing with great advise and help