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Mexico Casa Blanca Super Grand Slam

Can you see them? Casa Blance Bone

The great goal is to catch a grand slam or a super grand slam on fly

The first requirement is to catch your Permit

This often means hours of poling the deeper flats looking for signs of this elusive fish .

A thin and dark tail or dorsal fin,a large shadow on the sand or a glimpse of an eye

Often spotted way beyond casting distance going away from the boat or so close you have no chance to cast before they see you and flee they are the most frustrating of fish

There were not to many around in the week and my opportunity came on day 4

We were poling the fringes of the mangrove for snook when around a corner and below a nest of ospreys there appeared a huge school of bonefish

Both my brother and I were in almost at once and while playing the fish I noticed 5 medium sized permit at the head of the shoal of fish.

The problem was attracting the permit without catching a bonefish

The permit were reluctant to leave the safety of the hordes of bonefish so they presented a great opportunity as they had to compete with them and each other for food.

3 times they hunted down the fly given to me by the guide before eventually a 5lb fish took hold.

Then my brother caught one as well so a double header of permit.

Next target was Tarpon.

These fish need a particular technique once found,often in small pods

You cast in front and too one side allowing the fish to chase at a normal pace.

If they show interest,and they often do if the presentation is right speed up the retrieve until they take hold

Keep stripping until you feel it all go tight and them point the rodat the fish as they turn away and clamping down on the fly line,pull hard.

The objective is to slot the circle hook fly into the corner of the mouth

Once achieved do it again and then again

I broke my sage 9 weight on the first fish but by holding the broken rod we struggled manfully to get it in

Another rod to go back for repair

The bonefish was already in the bag so that was the slam,the snook was required to make it a super grand slam

I was confident this would be acheived but with the sun getting lower sight fishing was becoming difficult

Eventually a monster fish was spootted patrolling the Mangrove,staying well protected amongst the branches

This was a difficult chance but I was lucky with the cast and the fish grabed the fly straight away

It was not possible however to keep the fish away from the branches and it cut the line on its gill plates as it jumped and lept all over the place as I held on in an attempt to get it away

Looking back into the mangrove however I noticed the fuss had brought out some more snook that wanted to play and very quickly I was into another and a super grand slam

The penalty for this when I got back to the lodge was to have to eat a pickled scorpion ,kept in a bottle of teiquila

The fishing was booked through Aardvark Mcleod