Something big and different Dec27


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Something big and different

The biggest fish in the river

Difficult time Christmas when its so cold and you cant get out and fish

Makes you think about the trips I have been lucky enough to go on and those coming up in the future

I hope to be out on Owen Manila on Outlaw on Wednesday as a christmas treat if the weather holds to try for some tasy winter pollack but my thoughts are on a trip I did to Vancouver some years ago


I tavelled to Vancover and rented a car to travel 2 hours inland to Chilliwack at the confluence of the Harrison and mighty Fraser rivers

There are runs of salmon up here you wouldn't believe and following them up the mighty White Sturgeon.

I went for the salmon on fly and caught plenty of powerful chum on the fly .

There were no Coho(silver salmon) about so a lot of the days we mixed the salmon with outings on the Sturgeon


You just have to give this a go


You travel by powerful metal jet boats and the favoured Sturgeon grounds were 1 hour downstream just above the town of Mission

Its a must do for Carp anglers as the techniques are quite close in that the bait,salmon Eggs are cured and scented with a guides secret recipe before being put into a mesh bag on a running ledger rig

The river is up to 25 m deep and soft action rods with big lever drag multipliers and 130lb braid are used.

The scent trail is really important in getting the fish to come to the boat to taste the goodies

And that is literally what the fish seem to do with there vacuum like mouths

The suction like mouth of a sturgeon


The bites are weird as well


Small plucks and tremors on the rod tip that can go on for minutes

Eventually the tip bends down a little more and pauses for a moment before bouncing back up again

"too late" the guide murmurs,more in amusement than anything else,you have missed the fish.

Again it bends down again and I strike and lift more in hope than expectation

The rod pulls over and I am in to what feels like a mobile rock.The line then arches upwards and the guides grabs me and pulls me backwards as the fish hurls itself out of the water.

Frequently they land on the boat and that's not good.

The big one pull like a Marlin and are just as spectacular

The anchor chain is released as you have to chase the fish downstream

a freshwater Marlin,too big to lift or photograph from a little boat


The Soft rod seems to help cushion the strain of the braid and eventually you see some bubbles come up from where the fish is

This is the fish blowing its ballast and surrendering

They are carefully unhooked using a stretcher across the boat if you want to measure or weigh but its best to leave these protected visitors from the sea in the water and let them recover.

Amazing fish and amazing days fishing for them

One day we had 30 fish up to 400lb,and thats each,not total weight

some can be a bit smaller,I want it in my pond at home


One fish just kept going and it seemed I was into one the famous 700lb plus fish

A lot of other boats followed the dour fight which lasted well over an hour and 2 miles of downstream drifting and maneuvering.

Eventually the fish surfaced caught in the tummy and we had to beach it too get the hook out and apologise to the fish

It was easily 300lb plus


Imagine that by the tail in a six knot current and you will understand by what I mean about the fight these fish give.

a The local scenery on the Harrison River,amazing


The River was full of Salmon the most amazing being the King Salmon

These were being caught on the local river in Chilliwack by float fisherman using salmon eggs

Averaging 30lb plus and in fast water your tackle had to be pretty sturdy,later on there would also be a run of Steel head,the fish that locally seemed as revered as our local Atlantic Salmon.

Chum and Sockeye waiting to spawn The Chillwack River A big Cum in its spawning finery




My only contact with a King was on a wobbled spoon which the fish mangled instantly before throwing the hook

That has to be a target fish in the future

The most amazing thing is that all this only an hour or so out of Vancouver and is as wild as it gets,the rivers are beautiful with bald eagles and bears and the amount of fish is just plain silly

The only funny thing to the area are the local Indians with there resevations and hunting rights

I spent a day in the car fishing various spots I could get to and strayed onto the resevation.

The indians certainly told me to get off quick

I also saw them netting the chum salmon just were I was fishing


They pick out all the hens and throw away the cocks.


Us anglers only have ourselves too blame as what they are after are the egges to sell to anglers as bait for the Steel head but it was noticable how few hens I caught

Not good for the future


Start of the day On our way Float fishing with a pink fly for fresh run chum salmon