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Telesopic rods from Alcedo explained








 Italiafishing has a complete and almost bewildering display of telescopic rods for sale


Telescopic Spinning Rods in particular are proving very popular sellers


The main reason for this being of course the ability to put these rods in a suitcase on holiday


Things to look out for rherefore are casting weights and closed rod lengths


This summary therefore explains the various ranges on offer 





 These rods come in 1.5m  1.8m and 2.1m lengths in X  weave Carbon.

of particular interest is there closed length of 25cm or 1 foot

Action is good and they cast up to 2 oz

There are special reels for these rods in Furba LXS and LX and they are also sold as kits.


Pack Spin




These are the next stage up from Furba with a packed up size of 39cm for the 1.8 m rod up to a 2.4 meter version casting up to 2 oz


Designed for backpackers and holiday maker who dont want to cart around a long rod  

Again made out of X weave Carbon and slightly cheaper than Furba


Green Line Telespin



More conventional and thinner sectioned these are the highest quality for the price on the market

Available from 1.8m to 2.7m with closed lengths from 52cm to 66cm

Exellent all round spinning rod casting to 50g or 2 oz


Pride 11 Spin Telespin







The highest quality of IM8 blank makes this a Rolls Royce of 1 part telespin rods with high quality guides and reel seat with EVA handle


If your budget reaches to this rod,buy it.


From 1.8m to 2,4m   .


Closed length 53 cm to 57cm


Traveller Jet Spin Tele


A unique concept in that handle and rod come in 2 parts making pack up to a very small length


Comes with a hard case and is a very high quality blank


Very popular





Comes in 1.8m, 21.m 2,4m and 2,7m versions


Closed length 36.5 cm for the 1.8 to 58cm for the the 2.7


Again casting to 2 oz



Traveller Bolo


Float fishing rods of 3.5m , 11 footand 4.0m  13 foot  that pack down to   50 cm or less with a traveller case


A high quality rod exellent for freshwater float fishing or mulleting and Breaming on the rocks








 Carp Fishing Rod  11 foot  Green Line X Trophy



A strongly built 3lb test curve Carp Rod


with wrapped metal guides


Double strengh  X weave ,virtually unbreakable



Closes down to 94cm,



The most succesful of its type in Europe