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Thoughts of Cuba

I am beggining to sell quite a bit of gear to Cuba


My vertical jigging rods and enerjigger reels are proving a hit with the Guys going to Cayo guilermo and Cayo Coco with Thomas Cook,plenty on it in the WSF forums

Pictures of the kit here however I want to go on and also talk about a fly trip I did a few years back

the rod for cuba The Reel for Cuba

as well



My Trip was to Jardines del la Reina in the South in April of 2007


It turned out to be a little early for the big Tarpon which were seen entering the Bays towards the end of our stay in big groups daisy chaining behind one another but disappearing when approached under engine

the fishing however was on the whole excellent with lots of smaller Tarpon in the channels bonefish cubera snapper and Jacks

Fly caught cubera and mangrove snapper

The best of it was a pair of snappers both on at the same time


The fly guys in Florida will tell you these are harder than permit to get on fly.


They inhabit deeper channels flowing out of the Mangrove and where caught by casting onto larger patches of sand,generally a little bit deeper than the surrounding flats of weed

Flies were tan and chartreuse clousers pulled quickly

You have to hit and hold to stop the fishing going back into there holes so strong leaders and 12 weight rods are the order of the day


You lose more than you win and these fish are very intelligent.The only reason you get them is there is no fishing pressure in the "Gardens" as they are called


Not far from the Bay of Pigs the whole area was declared a marine reserve by Castro I think in the 1970s


Fished by lobster boats it is a haven for sport fish


Now wrapped up by Avalon,an Italian business it costs big bucks to fish and is hard to get to any other way than through them


Its actually a chain of outlying mangrove  Islands closer to Cayman than Cuba and your base for the week is a large old accommodation Barge,the tortuga with excellent food and accomadation.

Our Cuban guide


You travel in via a short stay in Havana a greaty place to stay and then a 5 hour coach ride to a small port and then 3 hours in a boat to the Tortuga

Even then you are given an evening taster session on the bones and tarpon with linited success due to rustiness.

Your transport awaits
Every morning you are transported to your destination by 25mph skiff  ,sometimes a journey of over 2 hours so you can see how far you can go
On your way at 25mph
The day normaly is a bit of everything with bones .tarpon and a bit of deep water fly fishing on the cards
Its amazing to se the guides sometimes jumping out of the boats and swimming into the mangrove to drive the tarpon out like pheasants ona shoot
You wait until you see them and cast its that simple.
Tarpon in the mangroves


Casting to a fish


Fish On