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Salmon from the Tay taken on Alcedo Aluminium Pro and Titanium Soft Line

A friend of mine gave me my first ever chance at Scottish salmon in the middle of August

Fly is best for these fish but you need the fish to stop on your beat to give them a chance to take.

The 12 foot flood just before we got there put pay to that although the water was gin clear and only 4 foot up when we arrived.

A lot of fish in such conditions are taken harling,in our case with fly rods set outrigger style across the bag of the boat set with rapalas and kynoch killeers set to run shallow together with a fly rigged rod straight behind the boat.

The boat is drifted under engine back and for across the salmon lies accelerating as the fly lines whip back and for across the water.

Its effective but doesnt give you a lot of chance to show your skills.

Another method in high water is a devon minnow cast square on a long rod and a weight which bounces across across the bottom with the minnow moving across at depth in front of the fish.

This was the method I used using A hokkaido spin 270 , Aluminium Pro and Titanium Soft spinning line

It took all day with loads of Salmon running through and past us but eventually I got a funny tingling sensation on the end of the line and a salmon sploshed on the surface opposite me as the rod became alive with the feel of the fish

The fight is incrediably hard in the swift current but eventually a 12lb hen fish was landed,carefully unhooked and released.

Job done

The Hokkaido Spin weighs 140g and is easy to use on such a river.