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Toray Bawo premium Upgrade flourocabon Testing at Trout fishery Farmoor 1

New Season

New Beginning

New fishing tackle to test


Pictured is the new Flourocarbon , Premium Upgrade, from Japanese line giant Toray

Also a prototyple new waterproof fly reel from the fly fishing company

Both are for sale on here





The early days trout fishing at Farnmoor  can be outstanding


Farnmoor 1 is a catch and release fishery


Rainbows quickly put on condition and average 3lb or more and go like bonefish


Early methods include deep buzzer fishing trying to keep the retrieve slow or static


The buzzer hatch last friday was amazing


20130419_141354 - Copy


If you see what I mean


Long casts were required to get out to the fish though due to the cold water.


Leaders tangle easily with a team of heavy buzzers and a good leader line is required.

It need to be stiff enough not to tangle, thin enough to allow the buzzers to work  on long droppers and a good knot strength


Normal fluoros wont do, even the expensive ones seem to tangle too much.


Toray Bawo Upgrade didnt tangle all day which for me is a first

It was very heavy and sunk like a stone allowing me to use slender buzzers, not heavy ones


The fishing was great as well


20130419_121234 - Copy


12 fish up to 7lb, every one took out backing


20130419_135202 - Copy (2)




the new reel wasnt bad either, very smooth on the drag


going out again this afternoon


20130419_132232 - Copy