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Toray Bawo Pro Type 150m

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  • Model: bawo pro type fluoro
  • Manufactured by: Toray


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Product Description



Toray Bawo Protype

100% Fluorocarbon Line

Designed for Lure fishing

Using Toray Bawo Technology

Specially blended polymer

High Abrasion resistance while still giving a smooth finish and a pliable line

High Strength and Durability.








.201    5.7LB

.266  10.4 LB

.302  12.8LB



article below corutesey of tackle warehouse in the USA on Toray lines and how they are being marketed over there.

Today, nearly every fishing line manufacturer produces fluorocarbon lines and no two brands are the same. Some fluorocarbons handle better while others are stronger, more durable, and more invisible than others. Until now, the challenge has been finding a fluorocarbon line that offers the best of all these factors. Anglers in search of a premium fluorocarbon fishing line maybe familiar with one brand from Japan that has been available in North America for a few years called Sunline. But as with most tackle manufacturers in Japan, the battle over the number one spot, at least in the eyes of the Japanese consumer, is never cut and dry. There is yet another battle for the best, poised to take place right here in the USA in the coming years. Japan's Toray brand premium fishing line brought to us by Blackwater International, Inc.
After trying various fluorocarbon brands like Sunline shooter, Seaguar inviz-x, Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon, and P-line Fluorocarbon in the past four years, I am convinced that the Toray brand fluorocarbon lines combine the most important factors of a premium line and are the absolute best line on the market. Toray is not for everyone; it is designed for the discerning angler that demands the best performance characteristics in a fishing line. The Toray brand lines are for serious anglers who are searching for a competitive advantage.
Toray is very manageable and casts like no other fluorocarbon line. Under tournament conditions that require you to cover water, if you could get an extra 5 to 8 feet on every cast and you can make 500 casts in a tournament day; you cover 2500 to 4000 more feet of water with Toray. That is a competitive advantage. Toray’s abrasion resistance is the absolute best on the market. Less time retying equals more time with your lure in the strike zone. That is a competitive advantage. Toray’s durability is unmatched. Toray simply lasts longer; even at a premium price point a line that requires changing half as often as other premium lines saves you money in the long run. But you don’t have to take my word, checkout how Toray performed in lab and field tests on The biggest challenge you will have with Toray is finding it on the selves’ of tackle stores here in the USA. I recommend or check out the Blackwater International website for a dealer near you.

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