Alcedo Casting Technology Apr10


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Alcedo Casting Technology



Alcedo Casting Technology




Been testing the casting curves on the new surfcasting rods ,before sending the rods to Sea Angler for review


I think it shows how these continental rods have moved forward and are real casting tools now maintaining a good action, not too soft.




This is Pride Mediteareanea Surf 450  with 5oz



This is the new Modualris Surf,slightly sfiffer but with less rod rings,giving it a different curve.


I t certainly shows these rods have not gone soft and I am looking forward to the verdict from Sea Angler when they go on test.


Both Veals of Bristol Mail Order and Gerrys of Morecambe have agreed to stock them and as two of the best surf casting specialists in the UK thats not

a bad start


They will be in stock from the beginning of May