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Grayling on the Bolognese Rod








A mild and dull day so us on the Glanwye beat of the River Wye testing out Bolognese Rods and the new fight control Reel



Thr Grayling proved hard to find and catch all day with a lack of maggots not helping however the pupa eventually were found to be more then acceptable to the hard fighting fish ,caught in the fast flowing river





The unique drag control system on the fight control reels were thouroughly tested by Grayling up to 1.5lb


Tippets down to 2 lb required a delicate touch to land the grayling in the fast flowing stream and the Bolo rods were ideal at keeping the floats under control





I also had a good go for the pike with dead baits in a large deep pool reputed to have a 30lb fish resident as well as plenty of smaller fish but nothing stirred.


All in all an interesting day but next time I will keep the maggots in the fridge and risk the wrath of the fishery permission officer