Italian Surf Tripod From Alcedo Jan24


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Italian Surf Tripod From Alcedo










Some times you come across a product which you have been looking for all your life,even if you didnt see it before.


The Alcedo Top Quality Surf Tripod Rod Holder is made of pure solid silver aluminium with a telescopic design 



Black Powder Coated


The ultimate long distance anglers rod holder it  fits into its quality supplied bag for easy transportation


 Extends up to 2.25 metres. from 1 metre . Weighs about 2 kilos


It has the ability to adjust the cup holder for the butt of the rod lifting it much further up than any other rod rest on the market.


The 3 piece telescopic legs make it less cumbersome when closed and easy to store and carry.


It has a stability bar which links across the legs ,giving it the ability to stay up in any conditionsl and a large hook for traces or a bag


For me this has proved to be my best bit of kit of the year,easy to transport,very strong and stable and keeping my 4.5m Extreme 111 rods well above the surf.


The fact that the cup can be raised means the tip of the rod can now be 6.0m plus above the surf, a huge plus in keeping the line out of the weed and waves.


 Its difficult to give a sense of how strong and well built it is in my photos but here are some below as I cant put that many in the shop


To find it in the shop heres the link 



Please review photographs below