Save the Halfway House. Profitable Pub being closed by local charity Jul27


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Save the Halfway House. Profitable Pub being closed by local charity




Save the Halfway House


Local profitable pub being closed by the Novalis Trust, a registered charity.




Forgive me for introducing another campaign onto this site but I am getting on my high horse about my local fishing

headquarters and pub so I can give it some " google publicity" so the site can be publicised





Fish like this 7 lb river windrush trout came from many hours of meticulous planning at the halfway house pub



This local pub to me is highy profitable


It had a great land lord


The support of the local community


Great beer and local food


So why is it closing?


Because the business next door who wants the building and car parking for its own use has bought it, thats why


This is easy to do when you have millions of pounds of tax payers money to play with


They have bought the pub, manipulated the planning laws with the help of high flying lawyers in London and after a long


and calculated campaign  raised the lease to such a level that it is unaffordable to be run as a pub.


Now they are in the process of turning it into a tea house and you dont have to be brain dead to see once that is done it


will become a central building within there complex and a change of use will be easy to force through the local planners.


Who is this business run by the tax payer and a charitable trust to boot?


A charitable trust, "working for the public good", buying a pub to close it down for there own ends with the

publics own money?


Bear with me please in this because……


Its a Rudolf Steiner school called the Cotwold Chine run by a charitable  trust called the Novalis trust


Its a sign of our politically correct times that such a place exists and makes huge amounts of money for it directors while

pretending to work in the interests of its children.


I am not attacking  Steiner type schools in general, just this particular money making operation.



It justifies everything it does under the banner of protecting its children, using it as a bulldozer to threaten planners and



Our local councils face fees of tens thousands of pounds per year from this school to help look after the difficult and

distressed kids under the reasponsibility of your councils, using our council tax fees to fund them


The school says on its website it has up to 42 kids at a time yet run a surplius in its last accounts of over 2 miullion

pounds due to its huge fees.


It director has a brand new range rover, thats really going to help the kids isnt it?


Anyway you get the drift




If want to help please join the campaign by clicking here



Otherwise where can I go and plan my next trip?