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Whisper Bait Boat review





Customers who have bought there Whisper Bait Boat from Italifishing have begun to start using them in anger this season for the first time


U tube video links here, more professional ones to come but it shows the boat in action










customer comments as follows

many thanks for the quick delivery of my boat. (less than 24 hours)
tested out on my local waters and no problems at all, it does everything you say it will.
Caught 10lb carp using the bait boat with bits and rig in the hopper so more than pleased, as no one else had caught that day
goes to show that accurate placing of bait an rig works.
Got called a cheat but then is bite alarms to tell you when a fish has hooked itsself a cheat also?
really don’t care as I use it as a disabled person who cannot cast accurate or far, so does me fine.
Only moan i have,  is that it is difficult to drop particles that have attraction oils added to them although, i find if I
place a pva bag into the hopper, with the particles on top, not inside, it slides fine out of the back of the hopper
of course dry baits had no problem.
All in all a great british product at a great price,
all the best
ps will upload a video to youtube of boat in action will let you know when done